LOTF 59: Tropisode 6 | Camping with Sadie Hartmann aka "Mother Horror"


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Show Notes

For our sixth tropisode, we're talking CAMPING with Sadie Hartmann, aka “Mother Horror.”

Sadie Hartmann aka Mother Horror reviews horror for Cemetery Dance and SCREAM Magazine. She is the co-owner of the horror fiction subscription company, Night Worms. She lives in Tacoma, WA with her husband of 20+ years, where they enjoy perfect weather, street tacos and hanging out with their 3 kids. They have a Frenchie named Owen.

When we gave Sadie a choice of tropisode topics, she was quick to hop on this one. We had a great time chatting with her about the camping trope in horror!

Camping Group Read

"The Troop" by Nick Cutter

Camping Book Recommendations

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