LOTF 61: Daniel Kraus on Posthumously Collaborating with George A. Romero


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Show Notes

We are delighted to bring you this special conversation with Daniel Kraus. This is our second time bringing him onto the show, so if you’d like to get a peek into his early writing life, discover how writing without the intent to publish helped him cultivate joy in his craft, explore his trademark style of using gorgeous language to describe the grotesque, and learn about his collaborations with Guillermo del Toro, you can hear all that and more in LOTF 42 when you’ve finished this episode!

In this episode, we do something a bit more special. Daniel walks us through what it was like to collaborate posthumously with the late great George A. Romero to write The Living Dead. It is a breathtaking story, with many surprising twists and turns. Did Romero reach across time and space to help Daniel write this book? We don’t have the answer to that, and neither does Daniel. Listen to the episode. Hear Daniel share his story.

You decide.

Find Daniel: Website | Twitter

Other books by Daniel Krauss that we love:


The Shape of Water

Blood Sugar (EXCELLENT Halloween season reading!)

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