Buck Off: Staff reshuffling, Tulsa preview, and the need for massive improvements


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On today’s episode of “Buck Off with Christopher Renne,” I am joined as always by Jordan Williams. We get into a discussion about Ohio State’s current staff issues and what we expect to see moving forward from the Buckeyes.

Ryan Day did not mince words in his presser and we discuss what the expectations need to be moving forward, possible changes in scheme, and what the coaches need to do better. When it comes to staff reshuffling as we pepper it throughout the show, we get into how the roles will move and why there are so many on field coaches.

Moving forward, we get into a discussion about what Ohio State needs to do against Tulsa to get back on the right track and it all starts with effort on both sides of the ball. Finding an identity will be a major key for both sides of the ball, and we will get to see how this team responds to adversity for the first time under Ryan Day.

Then we talk about Tulsa and what type of challenges they will bring to Ohio State that Ohio State can really find noticeable improvements against. Jordan tells us what he needs to see to gain his trust back in the Buckeyes and I tell you guys what we need to see.

Lastly, we make our score predictions and we discuss a lot for you guys to listen to leading up to this 3:30 PM barn burner.

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