Forensic Psyc Mom Analyzes How Marci Can Help Find Her Son’s Speech Even With His Rare Genetic Disorder


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This Full-time essential worker Mom and her husband have been watching My videos on Facebook and YouTube. Mom is already convinced that language facilitation is her best chance to find her son’s speech, AND She has already learned from 5 years of experience that the PECS and old Speech Therapy ways of do not work for her son. She and her husband even have funds available now to invest in coaching.

There are other reasons that this family has hesitated to get started in my program.

This brave mama was honest enough to express her concern is that she doesn’t have what it takes to be “Wonder Woman” and take over control of the process to teach her child how to find his speech.

Listen in as we talk together to uncover this and more of the mindset blocks that have been keeping this mom stuck. I also explain exactly the process I use to guide parents to use their powerful connection with their child to transform into language facilitators and make REAL change, no matter how chaotic your life is.

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