Mom of 10 y/o With Autism Found Speech in Weeks Using Language Facilitation


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Happy New Year Everybody!

In this episode of Marci's Language Facilitation Helpline Parent Coaching, she talks with Mickey, a mom to a 10-year-old boy with Autism.

Mickey has followed Marci for over 2 years and followed her videos religiously and discovered that she is able to help her child find new speech.

May this new year podcast episode bring inspiration to all parents because YOU are the BEST language FACILITATORS


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While she has held certification for 30 years, Marci Melzer does not currently operate as a licensed speech therapist. Advice and suggestions offered in the videos produced on this channel are designed to help parents make independent decisions about how they talk with their children and facilitate language naturally. No claims or guarantees are offered for any suggestions. Marci Melzer assumes no liability for parents' independent actions with their children.

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