#25 Learn a Language in 5-Minute Bursts with Drops


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Benny Lewis chats with Shannon Kennedy and Caitlin Sacasas about how they use the language app Drops. Drops is a visual, vocabulary language learning game that helps you build your foundation in a new language in 5-minute sessions.
Shannon and Caitlin share why they love Drops, how they use the app, and how Drops teaches vocab without translation.
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Some of the topics brought up during the interview are:
  • The history of Drops and its multinational background
  • Why Drops focuses on helping learners with just one thing
  • How Drops pays special attention to teaching a language through games
  • Learning a language without translation
  • Keeping up your language learning motivation and how Drops’ 2-Day Rule
  • How 5 minutes a day adds up to a language learning habit and lots of learned words
  • Why learning vocabulary is so important
  • The difference between the free version of Drops and Drops Premium
  • How Drops decides on what new content gets added
  • Learning travel essentials with Drops’ “Travel Talk” feature
  • Drops partnership with K-pop star and artist Amber Liu
  • Language laddering with Drops
Podcast theme: “A New Beginning” by Shannon Kennedy

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