"Hundred. Period!" (w/ Matt & Bowen)


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The culture catch-up to end all culture catch-ups, this episode has Matt Rogers & Bowen Yang dropping a dramatic announcement about the long-delayed LCCA's, reviewing their Thanksgivings and previewing their New Years, and demanding the readers to send in photos of their fabulous hikes! And then: culture. House of Gucci. Prosthetics culture. Adele's 30. Rebecca Hall's Passing. Nicki on the Potomac reunion. The legendary Stephen Sondheim. West Side Story buzz (RACHEL ZEGLER COME ON THE POD). The flop Grammy Nominations drama. Channeling whilst creating art. Selling Sunset. Survivor. A recap of The Morning Show finale and a celebration of the third graders. And the question: should Bowen be Boq in Wicked? This specnomenal episode pulled all the way up in the Sri Lanka. Wouldn't you agree? We do...

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