"Mercy! Ain't Miss God Cuttin' Up Something Awful!" (w/ Aaron Jackson & Josh Sharp)


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That's right, the sisters/DODS are back, darling dear! Fat-assed cyclist Josh Sharp and world-bestselling author Aaron Jackson reunite with Matt and Bow over Zoom to talk about the last year or so of various Drag Race franchises and more. From Season 12 to All Stars 5 to UK to Canada, the conversation is LARGE in scope, wetch! There's also juicy discussion over a vaudeville queen's last words, Liza Minnelli, and matching pop divas to a staged musical they should write based on existing IPs. And keep your sweet tooth screaming for the delicious dessert of four wild I Don't Think So Honeys, dear ones! Be sure to purchase Aaron's novel, "The Astonishing Life of August March," wherever books are sold.

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