"Matt and Bowen Get Too High"


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What happened was, Matt and Bowen said "let's smoke on this episode" and then they forgot they were on a podcast and turned into soup. Learn about how Bowen angered the province of Quebec, how Matt was "the best bunter in the town of Babylon", how it feels to be so publicly gay in comedy, and listen as the Matt vs. Bowen on a plane to Chicago conflict is finally resolved. Also, a sketch Matt wrote from 2014 is read live, Bowen recalls a time he went off on two racist French Canadians at the age of seven. Somehow, the two find a way to touch on what, arguably, are their favorite LC topics (Tayla Swiff and porn) and, shockingly, an I Don't Think So Honey is performed mid-episode because one of our hosts can't hold it in. Welp! We hope you enjoy. Tickle, tickle!

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