"The Zombies Ensue" (w/ Peppermint)


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Clown parade...clown BRIGADE! Are we talking about the doctors tumbling out of Walter Reed to kinda sorta update us on Trump's Covid progress or the fools on this episode?! We're talking about the doctors. BUT! We do have a fun motherfucking episode with the legendary PEPPERMINT! Pep joins Matt and Bowen to chat about her new EP A Girl Like Me: Letters to my Lovers, out October 16th, and her new single "Best Sex" which is available now. The three get into it about fuckboy culture and navigating dating and sex apps as a trans woman. It gets saucy! Also, Peppermint's culture that made her say culture was for her? Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (the original!) and Janet Jackson's incredible and powerful Janet album. All this AND, horror buff Pep lists her top three favorite horror movies, a discussion on celebrity fandom names, wikipedia drama and I Don't Think So Honeys that will have you saying "YES!" See you next week for "The Meaning of Mariah Carey Book Club"! Read up, readers!!! Xo

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