The three things you must know and do to get started as a Real estate Investor with Rosalyn Ortega from Urban Teach NYC


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In This Episode Martin Perdomo “The Elite Strategist” Interviews Rosalyn Ortega on Latinos In Real Estate Investing. Rosalyn shares tithe strategies she teaches her students to get started in Real Estate investing. She shares how she lost her first investment to foreclosure and how she learned and grew from that experience. One common theme that we found amongst successful investors is that they all have experienced adversities in life while investing in Real Estate but they always find a way to use the experience to get them to the next level and to continue to learn and grow. Rosalyn is a prime example of this as she also shares the the three things you need to know in order to get started as a real estate investor. Those three things are as follows number one is know your numbers. she states that knowing your numbers is paramount to your success if you don't know the numbers you will loose money, so get educated on how to run the numbers and understand how they work. Number two Rosalyn says you need to get educated on the loan programs out there. There is the old saying in real estate " those that have the money make the rules" learn the rules of the game from the banks what they want, what they look for so that you can get yourself in alignment to execute when the deal comes by. Number three Rosalyn says be flexible in your plans, she states that sometimes you may want a property in a particular neighborhood but a deal shows up somewhere else that meets your criteria be flexible enough to change course and consider that property if it fits your business plan and numbers make sense. This interview with Rosalyn on Latinos in Real Estate Investing podcast is full of great useful, practical information.
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