Y’all Keep Giving These Cowards Badges and Guns!


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Policing tactics are criticized after a pair of officer-involved incidents dominate the news cycle. Caron Nazario, an Army second lieutenant pulled over because his newly purchased SUV lacked a permanent license plate, was held at gunpoint, pepper-sprayed, struck and handcuffed. Daunte Wright, a Minnesota man, was stopped for expired plates. Minutes later, he was shot and killed by a veteran officer who officials say, mistook her firearm for her taser. On April 6, a Navy medic opened fire at a Frederick business park, critically injuring two men before fleeing to a nearby military base where authorities shot him dead. The following Thursday, NFL Pro Phillip Adams kills five people and then himself. On the same day in Bryan, Texas, a workplace shooting leaves one person dead and five others injured. California lawmakers lay out details of an effort to return Bruce’s Beach land to an African American family as a form of reparations. What are “ideal” reparations? Nick says “education” should be part of the equation. Lauren says, “land” is what has long-term benefits. Flame says, “not everyone wants to go to college.” What say you? Flame, Lauren and the Flamettes sound off! Join the conversation.

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