LAB-246-New Motorcycle Riding Gear We Are Testing On Our Trip To Sturgis 2020!


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In this episode, Lurch and I go over some awesome new progressive motorcycle riding gear we personally selected that we will be testing on our ride to and while we're at Sturgis 2020. Riding gear has come along way since I first started riding many years ago and I love testing and reviewing it for the biker community. With so many options to choose from, I hope reviews such as this will help you cut through all the noise so you can spend your hard-earned money wisely.

I want to thank the team at Revzilla for sending me this latest batch of riding gear for testing and review. I have been given the gear at no cost but am not being paid for the testing and reviews and there are no strings attached on what I say. As always I will give you my honest opinions with both the pros and the cons. The gear Lurch is reviewing he personally bought through Revzilla and he will also give you an honest review.

Please support us and consider purchasing any of the riding gear items we mentioned through our Revzilla Affiliate Link Here or through any of the riding gear links below. There's no additional cost to you but if you click through and make a purchase we get a small commission. It helps support our efforts to help, educate, entertain, and inspire as many bikers as we can worldwide.


I am always testing new progressive motorcycle riding gear. I love gear that offers protection but doesn't necessarily look like traditional motorcycle gear. I want my gear to be functional and comfortable both on and off the motorcycle. I love being able to ride all day knowing I'm protected, get to a location or event, and then walk around in my riding gear without actually looking like I got off a motorcycle.

After our Sturgis 2020 trip, I will slowly start doing review videos on each item tested and they will release on our popular YouTube Channel in between all the other content we put out. Make sure you are subscribed to the YouTube channel and hit the bell icon so you are notified when videos are released on the channel. We'll also likely review and talk about many of the items during our podcast episodes too. Get hooked up with our podcast.

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