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It's well known that Harley has been struggling for some time and sales have been declining steadily year to year. There’s just not a big demand for the bigger expensive touring bikes that make up the core of its model line. The company’s loyal base of older customers, who drove a Harley revival during the 1980s and 1990s, is aging and purchasing fewer new motorcycles.

Patron member Michael Rubinson of Law Abiding Biker Media listened to podcast episode #241 titled, "Harley-Davidson End Times! CEO Levatich Quits?". We talked in that episode about Harley trying to draw a new younger generation of riders and where they are failing. Note: You should also check out my very popular video I did no these matters SUPPORT US AND SHOP IN THE OFFICIAL LAW ABIDING BIKER STORE

Michael left us a voicemail in response to that podcast episode. Being 28 years old and having an education and background in marketing, he felt he had some input on the matter. Many discussions such as this go on inside the Law Abiding Biker Patron Member only Private Facebook Group. It's nothing but bikers helping bikers and it's a troll-free zone, so get signed up. There are awesome and friednly bikers from around the world in that group.


So, that's how this episode happened! Michael and I hooked up remotely and had a good straight-up "biker chat" on what's going on with Harley. Michael brings some great opinions and insight, so make sure you listen to this podcast episode.

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