Episode 152 - S7E13 - Blast


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On this weeks episode hosts Aviv and Matt view and review season 7 episode 13 of SVU - Blast. The guys start with the most disjointed intro, involving Aviv removing his pants. The guys call out that even though they complain about watching every episode of SVU because it will be seemingly endless, but that they do genuinely enjoy the show. The guys talk about feedback they get with new listeners going through the backlog and comment on how hopeful we were about the 2016 election. Matt reveals his candidate he is rooting for in the 2020 election is the giant meteor to destroy the earth, and predicts that Nate Silver would say the odds of that happening is not inconsequential. Aviv predicts a Biden win, and both hosts speculate by the time this episode drops the country may not know who is the next president (thank god this isn't the case). All this and much more!

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