Jiho Zirlin - Axie Infinity ($SLP), Rise of 2nd Gen NFTs, Raising & Battling Axies, How DeFi helps NFTs


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The team sits down w/ Jiho from Axie Infinity, to discuss the next generation of NFTs, a 2000% increase in $SLP token, raising and battling Axies, DeFi and Play-to-Earn models, and what Pokemon he chose at Professor Oak's Lab....

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0:00 - Start2:08 Favorite Generals of All-Time4:53 Jiho’s Story9:00 LIGHTNING ROUND9:37 Axie Infinity Overview12:15 What the main objective in Axie Infinity?13:36 Non-Crypto user vs. Crypto user16:45 $SLP Token Overview19:23 Can Play-To-Earn be Negative for Users?22:00 Yield Farming on NFTs?26:12 Ronin Sidechain and Scalability on Ethereum 31:30 Should every Game Item be on-chain?34:15 Axies in the Metaverse36:30 Big AAA Studios building NFTs42:50 Battling Strategy in Axie Infinity 45:50 Will Axie’s pass away in the future?46:50 Future of Axie PvP48:40 Others sectors in crypto that interest Jiho.51:30 Book Recommendation 53:20 Crypto in Korea

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