Shiliang Tang - LedgerPrime, Understanding Options and Quant Strategies, Black Thursday, Gaming Liquidity w/ DeFi


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The team sits down w/ Shiliang Tang to breakdown Options Trading in Crypto, what Market Makers do during events like Black Thursday, Bitcoin Narratives today, what retail should know about Quant strategies, and when DeFi would be adopted by Wall Street.

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0:00 - Start3:20 Shiliang’s Story8:15 LedgerPrime Breakdown10:45 Black Thursday in March from Market Maker Perspective15:15 Has Bitcoin lost it’s SoV narrative?19:00 What’s the catalyst for Bitcoin to break correlation with Equity markets?21:48 Understanding Options Trading26:00 Are Institutions Bad for Retail?28:40 Market Making in Crypto vs Traditional Markets 31:45 Examining the Exchange Landscape 35:17 DeFi and Gaming Liquidity38:00 Aave and Decentralized Credit40:21 Rolling Margin Calls in DeFi effecting Spot Markets43:10 Should DeFi have tools to prevent Black Swan events?45:30 Asian Markets and China 48:50 Retail Trader Advice on using Data50:40 What other sectors interest Shiliang?54:00 Stablecoin Markets55:50 Book Recommendation

Shiliang Tang

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