How to Attract Your Dream Relationship and Keep It with Gaby Chang


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Gabriela Chang is a Transformational Healer, Speaker, & Author, Women’s Empowerment Advocate, Dating & Relationship Expert, who uses her intuitive gifts to tune into your higher frequencies and download the information you need to work with in order to activate your subconscious mind, dissolve limitations, and rewire your vibrations to welcome in the love you desire.

In this podcast, How to Attract Your Dream Relationship and Keep It with Gaby Chang. Gaby shares some of her experiences in relationships and admits some of her mistakes in the past as well as bringing in baggage from previous relationships.

She shares her insights with us to be better communicators. Sometimes we as men think that the woman who is sharing her emotions with us, we might go into problem solving mode. So sometimes it is better to just listen while the other person is expressing themselves.

We discuss Gaby's background where she had to come to tems with her own past where sexual abuse was present. She speaks about cutting the chord by forgiving her abuser. This does not mean facing the accuser. It is something she did in her mind to let go of that negative energy.

This is a very interesting conversation that is helpful to both men and women in relationships. Gaby can be found at

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