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Michelle Prince, a former copier salesperson, (both Eric Konovalov and I can relate to that) joined us to discuss How to Write a Book to Grow Your Business. Michelle also has some stories form her years working with Zig Ziglar.

Michelle tells the story of being in software sales and making good money but something was missing. It was her passion that was missing. She ended up writing a book about her story and before long she was getting calls to do speaking and coaching. Michelle is humble and recognizes that it wasn't her original intention but the chips fell into place and evolved into helping others to do the same.

It can be said we all have a story to tell. Listen to this podcast and you will agree. One of the suggestions is to write about what you are passionate about. Once you have a book out you will be talking about it for a long time. What faces many of us is the fact that we are dealing with self doubt. We may not be Zig Ziglar but our story may resonate with someone who might never pick up a Zig Ziglar book.

So you thought about writing a book now how do you start? Michelle suggests figure out the passion and the experiences. What are you passionate about on one side and what are the experiences on the other side should be written down. Then you can match things up and get started. Its as easy as speaking into an audio file or typing. If you are writing a book to sell books, its an uphill battle. The book will be a revenue producing opportunity for you if its considered a business card book. People will throw away a business card or a brochure but its rare that they would throw a way a book.

This is a podcast that you may want to listen to more than once if you are thinking about writing a book or woondering what to do with it.

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