#152: Beyond Diversity: How Leaders Can Build More Equitable Organizations


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One of 2020’s greatest gifts was renewed attention to racial disparities. Whether 2020 was the first time you thought about racial injustice or a reminder of a reality you’re confronted by every day, the conversations about race can’t end in 2020.

This episode welcomes speaker and community activist Pastor Chris Williamson to talk about how leaders can approach race in the workplace and beyond. He’ll unpack how leaders can shift their thinking and take practical steps toward creating more equitable, inclusive organizations.

In this episode, you’ll discover—

  • The difference between diversity, inclusion, and equity
  • What makes representation so important
  • Why you need to know your “why” behind diversity
  • How to stay encouraged when you’re not seeing change
  • The connection between your living room, dining room, and boardroom

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