5 Warning Signs an Employee Isn't Going to Work Out | Ep #111


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Today we’re talking about some warning signs to watch out for when you’re hiring a new employee. You’ve probably experienced some, or all, of these. And out of desperation, you may have found yourself making excuses for them or overlooking them. So I’m here to validate that these really are warning signs that an employee isn’t going to work out.

What you'll learn from this episode:

  1. Why someone who is late to an interview is a warning sign.
  2. Why you should have everybody do an assignment before you hire them.
  3. It’s a bad sign when someone calls in sick when they first get started with you.
  4. Why someone who immediately starts making excuses and justifying it is another red flag.
  5. How overall dismissal or tone deafness is a warning sign.

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