Expectations Guilt | Ep #73


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When you are a leader and own a business, it’s not only okay to have expectations, it’s your responsibility to have them. But most female entrepreneurs that I work with usually wrangle with these three issues when it comes to expectations.

What you'll learn from this episode:

  1. The three main issues that female entrepreneurs wrangle with when it comes to expectations.
  2. Many female entrepreneurs think that their expectations are too.
  3. The Olive Garden analogy.
  4. Many women think it’s selfish to 1) expect things to be done and 2) to want them done in a certain way.
  5. Female entrepreneurs tend to worry about what other’s expect of them.
  6. This self-evaluative judgement is not useful; it drags you down. Guilt is not useful.
  7. Why every female entrepreneur needs a coach.

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