High-Performing, Business-Destroying Monsters | Ep #116


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Has your shining team member turned into a shiny team member? The terms are pretty similar, but the motivation of each is quite different. The ugly truth is that they can’t be rehabilitated. So, let’s talk about what to do when those high-performing types become business-destroying, gobbling-up creatures.

What you'll learn from this episode:

  1. A shining team member is someone who is luminous and illuminates the entire team. When they shine, everybody else shines.
  2. A shiny team member is busy focusing on their own light. Their light doesn’t extend out to others. It actually does the opposite.
  3. A high-performing, business-destroying monster believes that they are untouchable. They are arrogant, demanding, entitled, privileged, noisy, and even in some cases, threatening.
  4. You feel that losing them in your business would be so catastrophic that you can't see past it.
  5. Here's how to handle the high-performing, business-destroying monster.

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