The Accountability Quagmire | Ep #115


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Accountability - making a commitment and then following through on it. You wouldn’t think it’s that hard to do, right? Yet every day, we are surrounded by people who think they’re above accountability. And many leaders, in order to avoid difficult conversations, let it go. They don’t address it, and therein lies the quagmire. We leaders are negatively reinforcing the very behaviors we say we don't want. So here’s my suggestion…

What you'll learn from this episode:

  1. The responses people demonstrate as a result of being confronted with their own lack of results.
  2. People-pleasing and the lack of accountability.
  3. Accountability and the entitled generation.
  4. Spiderman and accountability - with great power comes great responsibility.
  5. Holding onto people because we're afraid to address their performance is diminishing the ability and the engagement of the people we really want.
  6. How to change all that – and change the world!

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