The Voiceless Problem for Female Entrepreneurs | Ep #82


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Female entrepreneurs have deep passion for their businesses, but did you realize that many of them also carry around deep shame? Shame and pain about an issue that is so intense that they rarely even want to talk about it. Helping women voice this issue so they don’t give up on their businesses is what we do. We can fix it. I promise!

What you'll learn from this episode:

  1. What that voiceless problem is that female entrepreneurs don’t like to talk about.
  2. Why some people lose the team because they didn’t invest in themselves.
  3. What causes business owners to become relentless, and slightly ruthless, about who they let in.
  4. Why your passion can become a poison to other people and to you.
  5. The true story about a client of Kris’s who went from $0 to $700K in one week!

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