Why Female Entrepreneurs Must Learn to Tolerate Team Member Mistakes | Ep #74


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Your growth and your ability to scale and make more money in your business depends on your willingness to allow other people to fail. It depends on your willingness to tolerate other people’s mistakes.

What you'll learn from this episode:

  1. You don’t have to give up tasks you love to do or that are your superpower.
  2. What the definition of “doing it wrong” is to female entrepreneurs.
  3. There are people who know how to do what you’ve been doing, and some can even do it better than you.
  4. Just because team members sometimes mess up doesn’t mean you dismiss the idea of having help.
  5. The investment you make in yourself to be able to learn how to hire, train, onboard, delegate and then hold people accountable - exponentially pays off in your company.

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