1/2 Leadership Secrets from The World’s Greatest Hype Artists: Michael F. Schein


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What does it take to get attention? As long as you don’t care what kind of attention, Not much.

But, what does it take to get the right kind of attention? Is there a step-by-step strategic plan, a handbook you could follow to get the kind of attention you actually want or need for yourself, your ideas, your organization? A handbook that would lay out all the dirty tricks so that you can be aware of them, so that you can use them for the good of humanity; the kind of attention that has people discover you and or your wares. What if I told you that there is; If there’s any doubt, you must stay tuned.

Our guest today is Michael F Schein. Michal is the world's foremost expert on hype and now he's written the quintessential book on the subject, The Hype Handbook: 12 Indispensable Success Secrets From the World’s Greatest Propagandists, Self-Promoters, Cult Leaders, Mischief Makers, and Boundary Breakers. Michael is the founder and president of MicroFame Media, a marketing agency that specializes in making idea-based companies famous in their fields. His clients have included eBay, Magento, The Medici Group, University of Pennsylvania, Gordon College, University of California Irvine, United Methodist Publishing House, and LinkedIn. Michael’s writing has appeared in Fortune, Forbes, Inc., Psychology Today, and Huffington Post. He has spoken for international audiences spanning from the northeastern United States to the southeastern coast of China.

More on Michael. Website: www.michaelfschein.com His company: https://microfamemedia.com The Hype Handbook: https://tinyurl.com/HypeHandbook

Social Media: https://www.facebook.com/MichaelScheinOfficial https://twitter.com/MichaelSchein1 https://www.linkedin.com/in/michaelfrancisschein https://www.instagram.com/scheinm1

Part 1) The 12 Buckets of Successful Hype

  • The Importance of Questioning Ethics
  • Hype - Redefined (for the power of good)
  • The Judgement of The Observer vs the Doer
  • Why You MUST pick Fights
  • Business Lessons from The Who (rock band) and Kim Kardashian
  • Tapping Weaknesses as Strengths
  • Basecamp Vs Salesforce- The Many or The Few
  • The 12 Buckets of Successful Hype





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