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David Cummings is a leader in the IT sector and has over 32 years of experience and learnings from his career so far. In 2019 he changed direction and joined Sage, the UK Accounting Software firm, to help support their journey to becoming a great SaaS company. David is highly regarded for his leadership skills & experience driving through complex change programs, and he is passionate about business change and how technology can help transform businesses and the way people go about their daily lives.

Before joining Sage, David spent nearly 30 years working for DXC/ HPE / EDS in the IT outsourcing sector as an Account General Manager, most recently a key leader for a UK Government Defense Contract, where he was requested by the UKI leadership team to lead the completion of a $1.5bn Transformation Program implementing a Global Cloud & Workplace IT service.

David thrives on delivering on his commitments and building and leading high-performance teams and is keen to learn from others and to help "make a difference".

In this episode, we talk about the following:

  • David shares his background and how his journey into leadership roles in the IT sector began
  • David talks about the leader that helped shape the kind of leader he wanted to become
  • David weighs in on how leadership has changed over the years
  • The changes in their business and how they are dealing with them
  • Challenging the status quo and what David would change in businesses and leaders of today

Key Takeaways:

  • Having a coach can help shorten your learning curve and boost your development
  • Learn from the good and bad traits of leaders around you and incorporate the good traits in the leader you want to become
  • For businesses to survive, you have to lead from the front
  • In this day and age, leaders have to be digitally savvy

Tweetable Quotes:

"Leadership these days is much more at the front leading as opposed to managing." – David Cummings

"We are looking for leaders and people who can actually make a real difference and be very inclusive and humble but have gravitas at the same time." – David Cummings


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