57: The Path to Your Best Self with Mary Ostrowski


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The path to our best self is usually not a straight one. Do you agree?

We are constantly reinventing ourselves and writing new chapters in our stories!

In this episode, I am talking to Mary Ostrowski all about learning to be confident and resilient, even from a young age.

Mary Ostrowski is an educator and author. She likes to say her babies are unconventional in that she doesn’t have any of her own, but as a preschool owner and consultant to both parents and schools, she has many! She is devoted to helping parents raise their children to be confident, resilient and to have a love for learning.

Mary’s work consists of three pillars. She is the owner of a quintessential preschool in Annapolis, MD. She is the author of Drip, Drop and Drizzle, a creativity journal for children 8-12, with just enough of an academic thread throughout to be a great option either in the home or in elementary school classrooms. She is also the founder of The Drizzle Effect, a consulting business with the singular focus of helping build kids' confidence through literacy and the arts.

This episode is such a good reminder that the sky's the limit when we find the confidence to open up and explore new opportunities.

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