LIA Cast 315 - Learning OBS Studio to Level Up Video Streams


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The tools we use to make and share our art change a lot. Individual tools wear out, digital tools change company hands, business plans change and tools get decommissioned. As makers we are often in the position of picking a new tool, sometimes to replace the old, sometimes because we need to change something about our work and a new tool offers new possibilities.

The Lean Into Art podcast is soon to be 9 years old and we’ve offered both video and audio versions of our show for most every episode. Lately we’re digging into how we can level up with video streaming and Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) is a tool pointing us toward so many interesting new possibilities.

Join us to learn along with us we share what we’re learning so far about streaming and recording with OBS! We’d love to hear from you in the chat whether you’re an OBS pro or just getting started.

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