E03: What your OB-GYN & personal trainer don't know.


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It was a pleasure to have Celina Bicho, a passionate women’s health physiotherapist that is also specialized in pediatric rehabilitation. We leaped into the different stages of a woman’s life and what her job entailed as a woman that knows her way around pelvic floors. We both agreed that all women need a team but unfortunately we rarely see women get the help they need after their visits with their OB-GYN. In most cases, women rush to go to the gym and meet with their personal trainer without knowing that there needs to be a middle-woman in this equation; a women’s health specialist/physiotherapist. The physiotherapist is the one who can diagnose and assess whether a woman is ready to exercise and to know where she stands from a musculoskeletal point of view. Like they always say “it takes a village to raise a child” and we’re hoping that through this episode, you’ll know how to find your own village. #LeapWithAmal

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