69 // What is Old is New Again with Guy W. Wallace


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Today’s guest is Guy W. Wallace. Guy is a Performance Analyst and Instructional Architect – and has been designing and developing performance-based instruction and training content since 1979. Guy has been consulting since 1982 and has served 80+ consulting clients, primarily in the Fortune 500.

Guy's work has won a host of awards and he has authored over 90 articles, 16 books, and 4500+ blog posts. He has presented professionally over 125 times. You can check out the tremendous resources on his website which I’ve linked in the show notes along with some specific items we discuss in this episode.

Today we discuss:

  • How most current learning design trends are old ideas wrapped up in new language
  • Why awareness (but not anxiety) of history matters to design practitioners
  • Some of Guy’s experiences that have informed his design process over the years
  • And additional key insights from two of Guy’s articles


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