Raman & Jessica Kia on Building Havly, a New Towel Brand That Supports a Better Future for Special Needs Children


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Jessica and Raman Kia are marriage goals. As the co-founders of RJK Project, a new towel brand called Havly, and parents to three children, including two with Autism, they give new meaning to the word hustle. Both digital marketers by trade, Raman, and Jessica have worked with some of the world's best brands. But as successful as their special ops marketing agency is, they always dreamed of creating their own brand, something sustainable that could ensure their boys' stability and security into adulthood. In this episode, you will learn how they became their own client and used their marketing superpowers to build Havly. They share how they balance work, start-up life, parenting during the Pandemic, and take turns running the daily relay race of life. Their relationship and passion for building a better future for their children are inspiring. One dollar from every Havly towel supports donorschoose.org, earmarked to fund the projects of special education teachers.

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