E001: Conned by a lawyer, pregnancy out of wedlock, and more


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This Week's Questions:

1. "My partner and I are living in Dubai, we live together, but we're not married. And I know that's not illegal anymore. However, I think I might be pregnant. So I was told by some friends that that is illegal. What are my rights? And what should I do if that is the case?
2. "My father had a business issue that he had a lawyer Sharjah to support him. He paid up to 20,000 Dirhams to a man who said he was a lawyer. That man has now disappeared. We don't want to believe that my father was conned, but it seems like it is true. We have already reported to the police. But it seems like there is little to be done unless the guy is found. My question is, how could we have prevented this? What should we ask for or look for as signs that a lawyer is actually legit in the UAE?
3. "I will be traveling to Dubai for the first time as a tourist. My hobby is photography. And there's so much conflicting information online about what I can or cannot shoot. I read yesterday that there is a fine of 50,000 Dirhams to take someone's picture without their consent. How can I stop this if I'm in a place like the Burj Khalifa? Can I please know what general guidelines I should follow so I don't get in trouble."

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