E002: Cross dressing in the UAE, divorce and more.


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This Week's Questions:

1. "I got divorced five years ago, and my ex wife and two children live in Dubai. As part of our divorce agreement, I pay 5,000 Dirhams monthly as maintenance for my children. However, I've been unemployed for the last seven months, and I'm struggling to make ends meet. My ex wife is still working but has threatened to file a case if I do not pay monthly maintenance. Can I expect any legal protection in this situation as I'm without a job? And I'm genuinely unable to pay? Please help.”

2. "I applied for a bank university credit card under my father's sponsorship when I was eighteen. My father only gave me an NOC, and the card was issued under my name. The card limit was 4,000 Dirhams, as it was a student card. And the card was used by my father in 2008. But I was unaware of that, as I was just a student then. My father made the last payment of 3,000 Dirhams before absconding and leaving the UAE. Since then, I have not had any relationship with my father due to personal reasons. In the beginning, I had got some SMS and calls from the bank with regards to the payments pending. I then got no bank notifications for a few years. However, I received a call yesterday informing me that the outstanding amount has been increased to 15,000 Dirhams due to late payment and interest fees. I cannot pay that sum as I am unaware of what has happened, and I have never issued any checks against my name to the bank. I do not have a credit card or a loan in the country. Now the bank is threatening to file a case against me. Please advice.”

3. "My husband and I bought property under both of our names, what will happen if we get divorced?"
4. “I like to cross-dress on Saturday evenings. Can I go out in public in Dubai?”

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