E003: Fighting neighbors, paying visa deposits, and more.


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Got a legal question?

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This Week's Questions:

1. "I am a Canadian looking for a job in Dubai. I answered a post and I got an interview time. When I arrived, I was put in a lineup of other interviewees. When I got to the front of the line and briefly interviewed, I was told I got the job. But, I had to pay a 1000 Dirham installment on the spot as a visa deposit. Of course, I laughed and left. My friends say they encountered the same experience. Three questions. Is this legal in the UAE? And if not, should I have reported them on the spot? Or what actions should I take or should have taken?”
2. "On a nightly basis, I can hear my neighbors fighting very abusively. It is very disturbing to hear, and I'm concerned that this domestic violence is going to escalate. I've called the neighborhood security to the house, but the issue still continues, almost daily. Can I do anything else?”
3. "I'm a senior business executive in the Emirate of Dubai. And recently, I attended a meeting at an office and after it was over, I initiated a conversation with the woman receptionist there. I complimented her about her beauty, and I invited her to accompany me for a coffee. Thereafter, the following day, the receptionist was waiting downstairs with the police. I was confronted by the cops and made aware that the woman had filed a criminal complaint against me. Have I committed an offense? And will the complaint filed against me stand during a court trial?"

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