E005: Influencers are big business.


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Got a legal question?

Our favourite lawyer, Ahmed Odeh will give you answers weekly.

You guys asked questions and we found answers. Here’s the run down on the VAT rules for influencers, musicians, DJ’s etc.

This Week’s Questions:

  • “What is an influencer?”
  • “Does this only affect people who are legally registered, as per like a freelancer visa? What about those who have a different occupation during daytime but provide this service as a side hustle?”
  • “Do we have to register if we have no money and just receive a product?”
  • “Where do I start and where should I register if I identify as an influencer?”
  • [For musicians specifically] “Will this affect my music streaming income performances or brand collaborations What about musicians who are set up under freelance visas?”
  • “We know that this rule is for income above 375,000 Dirhams, but what about products? How will the Federal Tac Authority know about barter deals and product exchanges?”

Summary: Influencers, you’re a business now.

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