E006: Copyright infringement, ghosted from music producers, and more.


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Got a legal question?

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Today we talk to @tac.plg aka tac-itto aka tactastic aka Dukkan's one and only Sound Engineer. We talk about the music industry’s challenges

This Week’s Questions:

  1. “I’m a local artist in the region. And fortunately, I have previously had my record played on the radio, am I entitled to receive any kind of royalties? And if I am, what can I do to receive them?”
  2. “I’m an artist who has recently signed a contract for a feature I did on another artist song where I'm entitled to 33% of the royalties from streaming. That record is doing quite well, and I haven't seen a single Dirham from it for the past six months. And the artist isn't responding to my calls. I currently don't have the income to pursue anything in court. What can I do?”
  3. “I’m a local artist, and I would like to protect my songs. What is the best way to do this?”
  4. “Are the copyright laws different in the UAE, than it is in other countries? Does everything apply here? The same way that it does anywhere else?”
  5. “If someone was to infringe on my rights in another country, like in the US. For example, let's say radio station plays something in the US, and I have not given permission. How do I pursue legal action from here?”
  6. “A lot of issues that we face as independent artists is actually to do with our names. And how streaming platforms and social media platforms display our names and how a lot of artists can have the same names as us. How can I protect my name in the sense that I would like this name to be just mine? How can I make it so that, I'm the only artist that can use a certain name to produce the music that I'm producing? How can I legally make it so that no one else can release music under my name?”

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