E007: Caught possessing Hashish, safe-proofing neighborhoods, and more.


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Complaining of reckless drivers in your area? Know what your legal rights are with @ahmedodeh_ in this week's episode of #LEGALISH.

This Week’s Questions:

  1. “I live in a nice family friendly neighborhood and every day at 5pm a reckless person drives up our street towards home. They almost hit our kid yesterday. A number of parents have reported the license plate to the police, but so far nothing has changed. What can we do to make our neighborhoods safe?”
  2. “I was caught by the CID for consuming and possession of Hashish. I cooperated, and I gave the officer the Hashish myself, and I told him where I got it from. I was held for one day in CID and one day in the police department. They released me and told me they would call me to visit the court. The officer told me that I would only get a 5,000 Dirham fine. But if they catch me smoking again, I'll be deported from the UAE. What are my chances of getting off without a deportation for a first time? I know that being clean is the best way to live.”
  3. “I am considering the option of taking a job in Dubai. The only issue is that is that 5 or 6 years back, I posted an anti-Islam comment in response to someone abusing my religion on Facebook. Could that be grounds for arrest in Dubai now?”

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