E017: Unpaid internships, driving unregistered vehicles, and more.


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Is it legal to hire unpaid interns or have multiple vehicles registered under one license plate? Ahmed Odeh gets us all answers all to your exciting questions on #LEGALISH.

This Week’s Questions:

  1. “Is it legal to hire interns in the UAE? And is it legal ta have people work for you for free, under the pretense of giving them experience?”
  2. “My neighbor has five cars, four of them have no number plate and he just takes the plate off and drives the car for the day. He has four cars and one license plate. They are not luxury cars. They are economical. Is this legal? I'm not a snitch, but I'm curious about what is legal or illegal here.”
  3. “My father passed away at the end of January. And we're trying to get a hold of his HR end of service, plus his life insurance provided by the company that he used to work for. We hired a legal consultant in Dubai to work on the case and he charged us about 15,000 Dirhams to handle all the matters in regards to my dad's estate, including bank account closure since they were frozen, when we reported that he passed away. RTA matters, and so on as well, we're also included. The issue I'm having is that once the lawyer saw the end of service and life insurance amount and the court files, he is now demanding more money from us. And saying that he will deduct a percentage from the inheritance before depositing the money into my mother's account. He's asking for 100,000 dirhams, apart from VAT. He's saying that the lawyers actually charge 1%. And if he had known the inheritance amount was large, which obviously we're not aware of it ourselves, the terms would have been different. Is there anything I can do in this situation at all? I'm at loss on to who to call or where to go for this.”

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