E018: Flying the rainbow flag in the UAE.


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Can we fly a rainbow flag in the UAE? If your car rental company makes an error, can you claim damages? Tune in to this week's episode on #LEGALISH.

This Week’s Questions:

  1. “I'm a content creator. I rented a car for video shoot and paid in advance. The night before the shoot, I was told that the rental company had mistakenly given the car to somebody else. I remember the specific I needed the specific car for the shoot that I had booked the locations, the crew and the suppliers and everything was sorted. Do I have a right to claim damages or compensation because of their error?
  2. “It is currently Pride month all over the world. And I noticed on Twitter that the US and UK embassy in the UAE have have pride flags raised. Is this legal?
  3. “A friend of mine came out as gay on her Twitter account in the UAE. Is this legal?”

Send your questions to hello@dukkanmedia.com or slide in our DMs, and we promise to keep it anonymous.

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