E021: Blacklisted in the UAE, testing positive for STDs, and more.


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What does it mean to be blacklisted in the UAE? And can you get a UAE visa if tested positive for STDs? Ahmed Odeh answers all our FAQs on this episode of #LEGALISH.

This Week’s Questions:

  1. “Just wondering if anyone has actually experienced testing positive for an STD (outside of Hepatitis and HIV). And if they have actually been reported to the authority by the clinic, is this a law that is enforced?” and “Would you still get a visit visa after your residency visa has been rejected for that reason?”
  2. “I have a relative that has been blacklisted because of a loan that she was not able to pay after losing her job. Would this affect me if I ever go to Dubai?”
  3. “If I were to make graphic designs with the Burj Khalifa or the skyline of Dubai, to put on merchandise. Like t-shirts and sell them. Would it be legal? And is Burj Khalifa or the Dubai skyline copyright owned by Dubai?”

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