E023: Avoiding visa fines, vaping lawsuits and UBO status.


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What does UBO status means for business owners? And can you file a lawsuit against vaping companies for impacting your health? Ahmed Odeh gets us all the deets in this week’s episode of #LEGALISH.

This Week’s Questions:

  1. “What is UBO status? That now we have to claim as business owners? And why is the fine so high? And is there a difference between sole proprietorship and LLC with regards to UBO?”
  2. “I was canceling my visa so I can move to a new visa. My old visa is with my ex fiance's company. They gave me that two years ago, the PRO came back to me with the 17,000 Dirham fine paper. Once again, we're in the fine universe. I went to to Tas-heel, to check why I had those fines, and they said, it's for an overstay after the labor card was cancelled. They told me to make a complaint. I made a complaint today, but they said that it will take 14 days to get back to me. And if it's not resolved peacefully, then it will escalate to the court. So my question is, will the court provide me with a lawyer? Because I do not have the amount for a lawyer, I am totally broke right now. I just joined a new company. And after so long, I'm worried that I'll lose my new job because all these bills are piling up. So is there any way the court will provide me with a lawyer?”
  3. “Would there be any possibility for people who are currently vaping to bring a class action lawsuit against vape companies, when we figure out the long term impact on our health? I'm asking because I vape and all my friends vape too.“

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