E025: Whatsapp Scams, car parking damages, & self-defense laws in UAE.


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Ahmed gets scammed! We’re back again to answer our listeners questions, and not so anonymous one from @ahmedodeh himself by iTunes card scammers…#LEGALISH

This Week’s Questions:

  1. “So a couple days ago. There was a guy that sent a WhatsApp message from a new number or a business WhatsApp to my lawyers. Or at least everybody that was on the website. Okay. Asking them for iTunes gift cards. The reason why. The reason's being is because, they're saying that they're me. He's like, "Yes, it's Ahmed Obeh. I'm in a meeting and I need iTunes gift cards immediately. Can you get them for me, because I need to go, I need to give them to my clients. I'm Ahmed Obeh.””
  2. “I recently crashed my car in a parking lot because the entrance and exit to the floor were my designated parking spaces situated is ridiculously tight. I previously raised the issue with the building management and asked them to give me a space on the floor below. But they didn't try to help. So for a while I let the valet take my car down for me. But once, I noticed a new scratch on my car and one of the valets told me my car is too big for this building. So I decided to start doing it myself. To give an idea of how tight the parking spaces when the officer came to my building to complete the police report. He couldn't even fit his cars through the entrance to my floor. So he had to walk up there. He even complained to the security about this, and I have his number in case I need him as a witness, do you think I could successfully sue the developer for get for compensation? My car is a bit longer than average. But it's nothing crazy. And I really can't understand why they decided to make the parking entrance and exit for my floors so tight. I have insurance, but I'd rather not claim and I also don't want to pay the deductible. (I guess because he's under 25. And he doesn't want the premium to rise). Okay, so I have to pay a 50 Dirham fine because of the crash. Can I sue my developer for this?”
  3. “In terms of self defense, what are the legalities of what separates the legal from criminal and can self defense be used against the spouse? Or if not, then how so? Can it be done in public? What is the property self defense like I can I can be used as a tenant or just the owner of the property? And if in true danger, is the murder or the attacker legal or is it criminal? I've been reading up on this, and there has been a few cases in the past that was dismissed for true self defense and others were ruled out as non self defense, but I have read it a few times. And lines are kinda blurry. So I wanted to ask if anybody knows better about this subject, and if it could be useful to others as well. What's the line between legal and criminal in case of self defense.”

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