E026: Poker games, landlord contracts, and visa permits.


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Is player poker illegal in the UAE? And has your work visa been on hold due to your nationality? Join us on this exciting episode of #LEGALISH this week.

This Week’s Questions:

  1. “I'm 25. And I've just arrived here in Dubai. I've been making new friends and I've been invited to a poker night. Is it illegal to play poker or not? Is it legal to play, but illegal when bets are made? I'd appreciate any advice.”
  2. “We rented an apartment. Contract was signed, rent is paid and so on. Today we found out that the apartment is not finished to move in tomorrow. But the contract states that on the first of October, which we signed, states that the landlord must paint the walls, do the deep clean, pest control, etc. None of that has been done. Not even DEWA has been connected, which was also the landlord's responsibility according to the contract. What can we do now?”
  3. “This is a cry for help! I got a new job, which I'm supposed to start in October. Unknown to me, my prior resignation, and ultimately, my visa cancellation by my previous employer was done. And my new employment visa, my new work permit applications, and my renewal has been suspended due to my nationality since August with no exact reason communicated by MOHRA / the ICA or the Ministry of Labor. You can literally see that the work permit is not available for this nationality on the website. And my recent findings have shown that MOHRA once tweeted that the work permit applications are currently suspended for the said nationality by competent authorities.”

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