Lawyer 2 Lawyer : The President, the Press, and the Dossier


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In response to an article published on August 27th by Washington Post’s reporter David Fahrenthold on how the U.S. Secret Service has spent more than $900,000 at Trump properties during Trump’s presidency, White House spokesperson Judd Deere said:

“The Washington Post is blatantly interfering with the business relationships of the Trump Organization, and it must stop...” “Please be advised that we are building up a very large ‘dossier’ on the many false David Fahrenthold and others stories as they are a disgrace to journalism and the American people.”

On Lawyer 2 Lawyer, host Craig Williams is joined by Stephen Gillers, a professor of law at NYU School, and attorney Charles Glasser, an expert in international media law, as they discuss this alleged dossier, it's implications for freedom of the press, and the current and historic relationships between the White House and journalists.

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