Lunch Hour Legal Marketing : Oh Dear: Terrible Rejection Letters & the Bad Ratings that Follow


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A mistake hosts Gyi Tsakalakis and Conrad Saam see far too many lawyers make is sending prospective clients cold, form-like rejection letters when declining representation. Clients seeking counsel are already likely in a bad place emotionally. Throw an emotionless rejection letter at them and they may leave the interaction disgruntled enough to fire off a bad online review.

Rejections aren’t a time for automated efficiency, Tsakalakis suggests. Instead, he advises lawyers or support staff to have a conversation first before sending a letter that documents the lawyer’s decision to decline representation.

Tsakalakis and Saam continued their rebranding lessons using the Lunch Hour Legal Marketing podcast as an example. This episode discusses whether to have guests, whether it’s worth disrupting the brand’s consistency by changing the name, and what jingle represents the show best.

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