New Solo : Unintended Consequences Rule the World


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Since the pandemic caused courthouses to close and law practice to shift almost entirely online, practically overnight, Lawclerk has seen demand spike.

The provider of on-demand virtual associates has doubled in size since the beginning of the year. That’s double the number of projects, and an increase in the value of projects overall, Lawclerk’s co-founder tells host Adriana Linares.

So why the growth spurt? Garman says that even though some firms were cutting back, solo and small firm practices started to focus on their most important work but needed to find a way to support their lower-priority matters. So while lawyers were spending time on their best clients and best prospects, they were sending matters more often to freelance associates through Lawclerk. [Disclosure: Lawclerk is a sponsor of the New Solo podcast.]

The pandemic created a real-time test of Lawclerk’s model. It demonstrated that it could adjust to assist its core market of lawyers who need occasional associate support without creating additional business overhead.

Garman and Linares also discuss the many lessons learned and new ways co-workers are connecting. Garman notes that he now communicates with more people in a single day than he did when the team worked 40-feet from one another.

Greg Garman is co-founder of Lawclerk.

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