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Freedom Today I speak with Rachel Fiori on how to go about discovering real freedom. Enjoy! Guest Bio. Rachel is the CEO of The Masters of Self University, and the creator of Mystical Life Coach Certification™ (Mental & Emotional Master), The High Profile-Highly Sensitive Person Coaching Program™; and the breakthrough emotional intelligence training “How to Raise Your Emotional IQ.” Rachel trains individuals and certifies coaches on how to master life and love. She also specializes in coaching high-profile people who are Highly Sensitive People (HSP’s). She utilizes the Fiori Transformation Framework ™ to guide people to their human-spirit integration point,™ which is the access point where self-transformation and healing are activated. This is where people and couples can let go of painful mental, emotional, behavioural, and inner child programs, and are guided through self-realization so they can be free from suffering, create sacred relationships, and fulfil their life’s potential.

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