LEON ► " ECSTATIC DANCE #2 // Pyramid Yoga Center”


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Delighted morning under the Pyramid once again, reminiscent feelings, Unforgettable...❤️🙏 ▲RISE▲ is a non verbal, heart opening journey into an altered state of consciousness. To a place outside of thought, where you 'the individual' can let go, explore your inner world, and find a pathway to bliss. It is an event that encourages free expression through movement, where we 'the collective' can discover something meaningful, connecting intimately with ourselves, and with each others. In this we let go, we move, and we surrender to the Great Dance... Click [ ▶️ Play / 🔄 Repost / 💙 Like / 💬 comment ] to support if you enjoy it! 🙏🙏🙏 LOVE & LIGHT. Leon.

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